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Update Price Automatically After Selecting Product Attribute


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Hi All,


Im looking to find a module that will automatically update the product price displayed on product_info.php when a product attribute is selected. E.g. product is £100, for the large version its an extra £50 so when the customer selects the large drop down, the price changes to £150. I have tried a number of addons on the oscommerce site however none of them seem to work.


Has anyone got the above working on their own oscommerce store? If so which addon did you use?





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Posted · Hidden by burt, May 14, 2013 - commercial
Hidden by burt, May 14, 2013 - commercial

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I did once use the code shown here: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/topic/371585-calculate-selected-attributes-price-in-product-info-to-show-total-price/ on a 2.2 version of osC - however on 2.3 with jQuery it should be possible to smarten it up a bit


There were some problems with the javascript on that link (which for the life of me I cannot recall) but if you use Firebug or whatever it wil throw up the errors

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@@PupStar I have tried that one on a fresh install of osc 2.3.3 and it didn't do a thing.


@@burt that would be awesome if you do! Missing Small features like this are making osc fall behind the competition.


Didn't get chance to try bobs suggestion but will give it a go tomorrow.

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I have a customized example of this here




Both, quantity and price calculations, are in real time


Quantity is a result of multiplication of 2 first fields (number of copies x number of pages)


Prices get calculated based on

- quantity according to price break table

- options selected. There are some options that are calculated by unit [(quantity + options) x price] and some others just once per item [(quantity x price) + options]


Additional detail: add to cart button is disabled until a quantity is set


I hope to find time to post how it is done

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there is an addon 8278/v,23. It works good, but

in different currencies, it doesn't make a different between plus and minus attributes values, that means it calculate everything in plus.

I contacted the guy, but without success.


I saw in your example, that you show one currency with plus attributtes values.

Will this issue solved with your new contri?




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The addon you found is trying to do some calculation in js and is modifying quite a lot of files, I never used it and I don't know what issues it has of course


My approach does all calculations in php in a similar manner as the default script's way, so it work for all currencies and all +/- etc


On top it modify just a single file by adding a small bit of code


I updated the example store to use 2 currencies (USD and Euro, Euro is set to be 1,5 of USD for simplicity) and I set the option "version" to have a - value available, you can check

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The modification does not depend on currencies, tax rates etc. It calculates the price in a similar way like the default system does.


If you have GPB installed in the store, then it will use that.

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They really should bundle a feature like this in the next version of osc


Who is "they" ?


if there ever is one that is.....


All the hard work going on counts for nothing ? :(

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Who is "they" ?

It's the ominous "they". Such as "They are out to get you."


All the hard work going on counts for nothing ? :(

Apparently not. Time to admit defeat, hang up the coding gloves and move on?


(I hope not.)


Price update looking good from both of you, though. I've been looking for something that will work properly for a while. I've tried several, only one of which half worked, and which changed the draw dropdown function to work. Other things that used the function didn't like that. That's obvious in retrospect, I suppose.

Not enough time in the day. Need a time machine...


Would build one, but not enough time. Ironically.

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I need a couple of testers to take a look at my test site, to give my version a go and report back any problems (regular shopowners are better at breaking things than coders). If you can spare a couple of minutes to do some testing, please message me.

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