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I'm running version 2.3.3


I have setup, checked, and rechecked the store's zone and the shipping address for an order. The tax is set up for only one zone; the same as the store's zone. All seems to be correct except that at "confirmation", the tax is calculated and displayed for any shipping zone; not just the specified zone.


Please help me make the catalog tax only in the specified zone; not all zones.


Thank you very much for the help!



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This is not specifically an answer to your question, but something you WILL want to know. In fact we ALL need to know. Although at this time it has not been mandatory to collect sales tax for Internet sales, if the current legislation is passed here in the USA and we suddenly must collect sales tax for Internet sales there will be MUCH MORE to it than just collecting 48 or 50 sales taxes. There are hundreds, and they change. I found this article earlier today and you will want to read it. I'm glad I did. Otherwise a slew of us online merchants are going to find ourselves in a nightmare situation.


Even though it may not yet be necessary to charge a sales tax on internet sales, since the risk of this happening is great I feel it is in our best interest to prepare now. Just in case it suddenly becomes law. With that in mind I have learned some disturbing things about the complexity of this that goes beyond simply knowing the sale tax for 50 states. For a much better explanation please take a moment to read the following article. It should only take about ten minutes.



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