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The e-commerce.

Bought out a company. Need help merging stores.


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Here's the scoop. My company bought out a smaller company. Our company does not have an e-commerce site yet, and we were going to use OSCommerce to acheive this. We bought out a smaller company and they have a store w/ OSCommerce and about 5,000 products set up already (That we sell now) and what I want to do is find a darker themed setup for OSC and merge the items... or, take all of his items and put them into my store and then update pricing and the like. Now, I have full access to his file manager at his current place of hosting, and I think there is a way to go in and basically make a back up of his stuff and then load it into my site, but how would I begin to do that?


Also... any black/darker themes for OSCommerce that are easy to install? We're starting the store from scratch, just looking to use this as a quick jump start.

Thanks in advance!


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You need to ascertain which version of osCommerce is being used. Then decide whether to upgrade this to the latest (if it is not alreadY) and then to decide on the correct way to make the store look how you would like it to look.


So, first step is to let us know which version. Go to admin > tools > version checker. If that does not exist, then look at /includes/application_top.php for a line of code that begins: define('PROJECT_VERSION' and tell us the value...


At that point you will get suitable information for your needs.

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As Burt mentioned, find out what version the cart is.


Then you can use something like: Easy Populate

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If your new site is to be under a different URL (different domain name and/or setup), be sure to keep the old domain and path around for at least a year, so you can redirect customers from the old store to your new one. You want to be sure to keep that customer base if you consolidate everything into a new store! With a "301 redirect", search engines will be automatically updated to point to your new store, but customer bookmarks have to be manually saved (changed), and many customers won't bother doing that. In the long run it's probably cheaper to keep the old site (doing redirection) around indefinitely so you don't lose existing customers.


You may want to consider continuing to run the old store, at least for 6 to 12 months, alongside anything new you create, while adding your new store name and other such information to the old store to ease existing customers over to the new store.

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