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The e-commerce.

migrating from 2.3.1 to 2.3.3 plus new hosting


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I didn't see my situation covered, so I apologize if I missed it.


I have a 2.3.1 website, but I am moving to a new web host that uses 2.3.3.


How do I move the database - just back it up and import to the new install?

I guess after that I'll bring all the images over, and then go through the config files.


Do 2.3.1 add-ons work with 2.3.3 generally? I have a few add-ons I'm going to reinstall on the new site, but I mostly only see them for 2.3.1.


Thanks for any help!


- Dave

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The fact that they install 2.3.3 doesn't mean you have to use it as well.


There are a load of posts explaing how to move a site from 1 server / host to another so just google and follow one of those.





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It would certainly be a good idea to upgrade to 2.3.3 once you've successfully transferred to the new host. If your current store has few or no add-ons, and those you want to use are 2.3.3 compatible, you could just import your database and product files into a fresh 2.3.3 and then install the add-ons. What do you mean by "your host uses 2.3.3"? If that's what their "one button install" is offering, that's good (it's the current version), but you can certainly still run on 2.3.1.

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Yes, that is there one-button install version of osCommerce my hoster offers.

Part of my question was if there are many 2.3.3 versions of add-ons yet since I only seem to see 2.3.1 versions. I guess a related question would be if the two versions are close enough that I can try the 2.3.1 addons with success?


I appreciate the help. .

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