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error trying to edit front page main text


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When i try to edit my main text on my website it throws up


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/chelm750/public_html/onlinemeatdelivery.com/admin/modules.php(232) : eval()'d code on line 2


and my text doesn't appear for me to edit it, what is clear is when i edited last i made some error with the code which has played havoc when i try to edit it again in the admin area.


so where can i locate this bit of text that i have previously edited?


website is www.onlinemeatdelivery.com


thanks in advance!

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The first thing to check somewhere in the file is whether you have a ' in the middle of the text that you failed to "escape": don't should be don\'t. Make sure that the ' at each end of your text is that exact character, and not some Smart Quotes crud cut and pasted in from Word. In general:

define ('TERM_NAME','your text goes here, don\'t forget to escape apostrophes.');


If you're using File Manager from osC 2.2, get rid of it faster than a radioactive potato. Use a real text editor instead. It (and the Define Language facility) are terrible security holes. If you still have them, you probably still have million other security problems.

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yes i'm using ftp and just notepad atm but thats because no dw on here, what i need to know is where the file that contains this text is? i changed it using the admin end, but no it won't because i put a ' in the text when i was editing it. so where has it saved this text i inputted? where does the index.php or what ever bit of php it is call to bring this text up? I can't find it.

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Hi Carl,


Try looking in catalog/includes/languages/english/index.php

define('TEXT_MAIN', '????????');



To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.


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You should have a copy of your site FTP'd on to your PC, as a backup if nothing else. Learn to use tools like findstr (Windows) or grep (Linux, available for Windows) to search multiple files for certain strings:

findstr /si /c:"Welcome to Hughe" \*.php


just notepad atm but thats because no dw on here

Don't even think of using DW (or EW, or Word) or anything but a real text editor to edit your PHP files. You'll ruin the files. Two very popular (and free) editors are Notepad++ and ViM. Notepad is OK for very small jobs, but you'll get tired of it on large files.

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