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Infrequent problem with customer sessions crossing

Guest windcask

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Guest windcask

Good morning, all.


I am running an OSC 2.3.3 store.


I come to you with an ongoing problem: I have customers who, upon session timeout, log in and find they've been logged in as another user. I have done a ton of research on this problem, to say the least, and while I've reduced the frequency of the problem, I've yet to eliminate it entirely.


Here's my Sessions configuration page:

Session Directory /tmp

Force Cookie Use True

Check SSL Session ID False

Check User Agent True

Check IP Address False

Prevent Spider Sessions True

Recreate Session False

  • Check SSL Session ID is set to false because the problem occurs before the https addresses are even hit.
  • Check IP address was enabled before and seemed to fix the problem, but at the cost of some customers not being able to log in...at all.
  • Recreate session seems to prevent users from logging in.

If anyone has any ideas how this problem can be eliminated, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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Guest windcask

I have two people within the last day reporting problems. One is using Chrome and cannot log in at all, one reports his session being dropped every couple of pages after he logs in. I have turned off "Check User Agent" in the hopes these drops will stop. Can anyone else shed some light on this?

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