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Custom Text Field / Monogram / osC v2.3.3


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I'm working on a customized shopping cart that needs to have an optional Text Input

for a monogram option for the product. I need that text to appear on the order, in the

cart etc. This option is only available on some products not all, and I'm guessing that

I can handle that with a product attribute, easy enough to catch that in the product_info,

with a check box and a text field. I accept that this option cannot be used as part of a

"buy now" and that part would be bypassed in that situation.


Getting this to the cart seems to be the challenge, and actively storing the data as it

goes thru the cart. Seems like extra fields and tons of work. Since I'm on a time crunch,

the easiest method seems to add an "Monogram" field to the customer, and just display

that thru the checkout process.


If there is anyone who has needed similar, and found a simple solution, for this version,

I'm open to suggestions, I've tried many addons, and they all fall way short of the goal,

or are so outdated, modification is more work than creating new.


Looking forward to any input !

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Thanks for the lead, seems like throwing a hand grenade to kill a housefly.


Many of the files in this package have been modified already, and at first glance I will

be spending the day just installing all of it.


Will give it a try and get let you know how it works out.

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