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Image in Catalogue all squashed


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Hi People,


Thanks in advance for any help.


I have recently taken over a live eCommerce site using osCommerce 2.2 RC2. I'm quite new to running an online business. I have trolled through this forum and google but haven't been able to find a solution to my problem.


Recently I have added some new products to my catalogue. All of the images bar one have loaded fine. The one that hasn't in the catalogue page the image is all squashed. When you click on it to enlarge the image it comes up fine.


For example:



When looking at the items in catalogue here they are normal. If you click an image it enlarges. My issue is the first image that you see the item is squashed. I haven't supplied the image as it's not live until I can fix it.


In oscommerce configuration, images I have the following values set:

Title Value Action Small Image Width 120 Small Image Height 69 Heading Image Width 84 Heading Image Height 48 Subcategory Image Width 100 Subcategory Image Height 57 Calculate Image Size true Image Required true Small Image Width




Does anyone have an idea of how I should be uploading the image so it would be correct? I'd upload the image however I'm at work so don't have access to it.





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This is an age old problem with earlier versions of oscommerce. OSC forces the image size on the smaller images, so for example a tall image is resized to the dimensions you decide. A wide image is again forced to the same image dimensions. Try creating images that are proportionally the same as those you have specified.


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Try creating images that are proportionally the same as those you have specified.

Thanks 14steve14 for coming back to me. I did try to reimage in photoshop but it still was happening. I did have a thought that i may need to delete the old file before uploading it off the web server which I'll try now.

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Hi Nathan,

No perfect answer but try leaving one value empty

Thats brilliant. Thanks Joli, Ive been trying to resize in photo shop and that has been squashing the image too. Will test this.



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