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Meta & Title Tags No Longer Show After GoDaddy Move


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Hello All -


Have done some searching around, but couldn't find anything addressing what I'm experiencing. The site was previously hosted with a web design company and the Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Etc. worked fine there.


Now we've moved to GoDaddy and none of those show now on the live pages. The fields are still filled in, but don't make it to the Web. Anyone have experience with this?


I should add that the Page Title now just defaults to the Store Name on every single page.


Thanks for any help you can offer

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I'm with Go Daddy and came across your post.


Have you been able to resolve your issues with your page titles, meta descriptions etc not showing?


If not I would be happy to assist you further. Please feel free to reply or send me a private message.

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The GoDaddy police have arrived.


"Quick! To the forum scrapper. Put a scan out on all words that even resemble our name or moniker. Forget about creating a more user friendly server environment, half the people don't know what one looks like anyway - let alone operates like. Just jump into open source software forums and keep'em lured in and coming back."


"Hurry! Were loosing customers and the elephant bullets and PIPA and SOPA lobbyist are expensive."

Follow the community build:

BS3 to osCommerce Responsive from the Get Go!

Check out the new construction:

Admin Gone to Total BS!

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When you look at the "Page Source" on the browser, what does it show for these items? For example, do you see <title>My Real Page Title</title> or do you see <title>Store Name</title>. I would imagine it would be the latter (Store Name), as I've never heard of a title being overridden by the server (encoding, yes). So the question becomes "why is osC creating a bad title?".


Have you checked both your configure.php files to make sure your URLs and paths are correct? Does the database appear to look OK when you browse through it in phpMyAdmin or some other database tool? Are the database settings in the configure.php files correct, so you're looking at your new database and not the old one?

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Reset tags cache and ensure your .htaccess file has the correct path (if you also have SEO URL's enabled)





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