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osCommerce, iosc_5 and QR Codes


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Thanks to all that helped out.


Im running OSCommerce 2.3.3, installed addproduct.php and discount_codes addons...


then I installed isoc_5rev2 for OSC 2.3.3 as well as the update for manufacturers (however, I disabled it because It isnt needed).


then I changed the color and button images (this was a real accomplishment for me because it was all by trial and error)


then i created a QRCode that would add the item to the visitor's cart and apply a limited time discount code when they logged in or registered as a new user...


the link worked fine from the web... but didnt work from the mobile device


reason.... the contributions support didn't include one for add_product but did include discount codes...


when the mobile device couldn't open the page, I checked the url it was trying to open... and in that link was a page called 'mobile_addproduct.php'


well, there was not one of those in the mobile_XXXX.php files provided... so being a complete novice, I simply made a copy of the addproduct.php and renamed it mobile_addproduct.php and uploaded it to the oscart/catalog dir and then tested the QRCode link..


and it worked... now the mobile site adds the product and the discount code appears on the last page of the checkout process...


the only drawback is not showing the customer the discount right after they log in or register...


anyone know how to make this happen?


thanks in advance...


feel free to check out my live site if you have a mobile phone... simply take it all the way until you confirm order (page where discount appears on invoice).


I look forward to your feedback..


the long link below




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