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Problems with ' ?language=en ' showing after HTML


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the products on my site when listed by Shopwiki produce a ?language=en at the end of the link when going directly to my site, this causes the page not to show correctly....any ideas anyone?

Also Shopwiki does not show my images either, though you can click on the blank space, in the admin side of Shopwiki the images show???


Using: osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.2 and SEO URLS


Thanks in advance.

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Your site's URL (view-me.com?)? Shopwiki's URL and how to get to your site's entry/link? Do you submit your site to Shopwiki or do they pick it up themselves? (you mention an admin side to Shopwiki) As far as images not showing, do you have "hotlink protection" enabled, and need to whitelist Shopwiki? (are admin and non-admin sides under different domain names?)

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Hi MrPhil,

the view-me.com is not the site.

Using Shopwiki, I can post articles that I sell through them via a 'admin'. Here i can post a item, say a car, so the link would be to that item: http://my domain.com/car_for_sale.html

However when the link is produced from Shopwiki (in their listings) it goes to the following on my site: http://my domain.com/car_for_sale.html?language=en

This also is part of the ' Reviews ' page and not the link that it should have gone to?

Hope this helps in understanding what I'm trying to get over to you without submitting the actual website.

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Supposedly osC 2.3.3 has some "language" related problems fixed, so upgrading might work. It wasn't to deal with this particular problem, but might have an effect on it. Did you cut and paste this link into Shopwiki, or did they grab it themselves? If it's yours, feel free to remove ?language=en.

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