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While trying to fiqure out how to fill in the information pages, I noticed a file called Pages. I opened it up and got the following: 1146 - Table 'alluniqu_alluniqueupgraded.TABLE_PAGES' doesn't exist


select pd.pages_title, pd.pages_body, p.pages_id, p.pages_name, p.pages_image, p.pages_status, p.sort_order from TABLE_PAGES p, TABLE_PAGES_DESCRIPTION pd where p.pages_name = '' and p.pages_id = pd.pages_id and pd.language_id = '1'



anyone know what this is? And I still haven't figured out how to fill in the info pages. V2.3.3

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The error mean that TABLE_PAGES is not defined in file catalog/includes/database_tables.php and probably also not in catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php


You need to "define" the new table in the same manner it is done for all other tables, I don't know how the table is called in the database


If you're also not sure, you can check the database via phpMyAdmin, will be called "pages" or something similar I guess. If you don't have such a table, then you need to "run" the sql of the addon and create in that way a new table

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