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The e-commerce.

Two for One-ish Help


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Hi All,


Hopefully someone has an idea of what to do here. I am trying to avoid have to have duplicate information and tables for this built.


I am trying to figure out how to have a certain category priced as such:


Buy one of an item and the price the sale price.

Buy two of an item and get them both together for the retail price.


Example: Say I have an item which is already in the database which has an MSRP of 20.00 and a regular selling price of $15.00.

If the customer buys just quantity one they pay a total of $15.00.

If the customer buys quantity two, they pay a toal of $20.00.


I am assuming that I should be able to make this work as both the retail price and selling price are already stored in the database.

I just don't know how to :

A) Show the data in a table on the product page so the customer will know about the special

B.) Have oscommerce call the pricing from the correct databases and apply is as mentioned above.


I am sure I could use one of the many discounting addons -- but the re-entry of the MSRP and selling prices seems redundant and like a lot of extra work.


If anyone has any ideas please, please, please let me know.


Thanks in advance

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I think you owuld be better off asking this in another forum. This forum is about installing and configuring osCmmerice ou t fothe box.


Having said that, look around the Add Ons for 2.2 because I vaguely remember a contribution that did that.

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