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Supply Primed osCommerce Install


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Is it against licensing or illegal in any way to supply an osCommerce file with a lot of add-ons already installed, and the combined or condensed SQL file?

Basically, I have installed all of these addons and got a lot working together fine, and I would like to share a complete install for others to use.

Does that make anyone upset?

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Kind of hoping to get some advice.

I don't think I can supply it here, but at my own site, will put people in a bind if I go offline one day.

Also, I wouldn't be able to support all the add-ons, but I would help the best of my ability. I would like community involvement as much as possible. I'm not starting my own or anything, but giving others a chance to get up and running easily. Ideally, I have to start up another store, so I will be created a blank copy of my store in the near future. Just thought I would share that blank copy with all the addons and database changes with the community.

I know it won't be perfect, but it's a start.

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Guess it was a bad idea.

But here's my issue...

When I support osc monetarily, I still have 50 or so add-ons that need troubleshooting etc., and looking at different threads about money transactions and other forum developers, it's not a good idea to pay the developers of these add-ons to troubleshoot them when you are trying to make them mesh together.

I can't count on good coding from the forum. I can't pay for good coding from the developers.

I don't care about the money, the essential product is not available.

Things like Super Downloads, QT Pro, All of FWR Media add-ons, and security stuff. How can I guarantee that I can get a product with those features and qualities? Even if money was involved.

But I definitely see your point, being that it would be a fork. And it would. Unless the community can agree on one standard Mega Pack! Then the community would support that MegaPack

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Oh Well.

I understand v3.1 will be similar to how Wordpress is setup.

What can I do to assist with v3.1? I'm not a developer. I read, copy and paste; or look at the error where it says line whatever is causing an error, go to that line, and remove the trailing ";"

I see on the roadmap that v2.4 should be more modular. Not sure what that exactly means, but how easy will it be to integrate add-ons to v2.4?

Will it be like now where you compare files, change code, and get on the forum to paste the errors you have?

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I think that you should wait a while for the new "community team" who will be leading the way with regards to how 2.x series osCommerce is taken forward.


As a non-coder, a good way for you to contribute is to purchase a sponsorship, I think it is presently 10euros a month or so.

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