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Installation Problem with 1&1 Internet - Help?


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I am developing a store and have been testing it on Lunarpages and Locally using Wamp. Everything has been working great. I have added Product Tabs, SPPC Pricing, and a couple other small addons successfully. The client I am building the site for uses 1&1 and has already set up a Dedicated Account with SSL and IP. It took me awhile to get the site and database working, but the store displays and mostly works fine. So far what I have noticed is going from Index to Product Listing or Product Info, and also Login does not work. Stays on Index page. I am comparing now the MySQL and PHP versions for both hosting sites and will post my findings. I know at first 1&1 was using PHP5, so I had the option of reverting to PHP4... That helped, but did not fix everthing, as mentioned above.


by the way, I did not go through the install of oscommerce. I simply FTPd my catalog over and imported my database, then adjusted the 2 config files accordingly. I can provide the link to the store if needed.


Anyway, can anyone help me?





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When I first started migrating to 1&1, their PHP version was 5.4, but had the option to degrade down to 5.2. So once I did that, a few things began to function... but looks like lunarpages and my local wamp server are using 5.3, so could that be the problem? Thanks again

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In the admin area under MY STORE, turn OFF 'Use search engine safe URLS'. That function has never worked with osCommerce and I personally remove it when doing stores for my clients so they don't accidentally activate it.





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Really? That's all is was? Great, I thought I was going to be deep into updates and changes :-) Looks like everything may be working now... you can check it out. It's still an ugly site as I am just now working on the cosmetics and have only been working on the code and addons.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart....



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PHP 5.3 is pretty much the standard now. It would be a pretty backwards host that does not have it as the normal version. Maybe PHP 5.2, with 5.3 an available option, would be acceptable for the near future, considering how many applications that 5.3 broke. Lots of hosts are starting to go to PHP 5.4, and within a year or so that will probably be considered "the standard".


I generally caution against developing on a PC (with *AMPP stack), simply because the differences in server version, PHP version, MySQL version, etc. can be quite problematic. Others will tell you they've never had a problem doing that. Youse pays yer quarter and youse takes yer chances...


Forum advice is free, add me to your speed dial and I bill by the minute....

LOL. Have to remember that line.

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