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The e-commerce.

New customer registration doesn't work


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I added a new customer for test and after I click "continue", I receive the same fields but blank.Even I filled again all the registration fields,nothing positive results. In admin area/customers there isn't any customer added.

Also no recovery password for the first customer added at the begining, before any add on.


My add ons:



Security pro 2.0


Site monitor

Htacces protection file



Modular front page

Header tag Seo

Ultimate Seo Url

Haccess protection script

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So I changed my host and my domain name. After I moved my site I changed the 2 configuration files.Should I change something else?In language directory?Should I reset cache?I saw that cache directory maintain the old path.How can I change it?


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cache path can be set in admin under configuration>>cache


Indeed there is the directory but no options for configure path:


Cache Directory /home/abcd/public_html/catalog/includes/work/


And the button edit show me only the true or false opptionsand no changing the path.


I also tried to start from the begining .I installed a new os commerce2.3.3 and imported the database, but because I didn't install the same addons I get errors.Can I import only the catalog in my new site?

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I forgot to tell you that is strange that at the old host the site work perfectly, but at the new one,registration,login and forgotten password still doesn't works.

I've just moved the site from one part to the other, changed configure files, and htaccess according new name, and new paths.

Indeed I cannot clear cache because I cannot change the directory paths,but this to be the cause? I doubt.

I didn't find somehing similar on forum even I've looked about 2 days.

In case I won't have an answer I must start with everything including adding the products from the begining.

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hi Alex,


Moved a few sites recently and had to change in phpmyadmin the database manually to reflect

the true path for Cache and Session on the new server your path you will find in control panel


In configuration change manually (the xxxxxx will be your path)


136 Cache Directory about page 5




148 Session Directory




This is for a standard install so may vary a bit but sure you will understand when you take a look

probably solve your registration problem as may be session based



To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.


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Joli1811 thanks for your answer.Finally I've discovered.The problem was in .htaccess:


# Redirect index.php to domain.com


RewriteCond %{THE_REQUEST} ^[A-Z]{3,9}\ /index\.php\ HTTP/


RewriteRule ^index\.php$ http://www.xxx.com/ [R=301,L]


# Redirect domain.com to www.xxx.com


RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^xxx.com [NC]


RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.xxx.com/$1 [L,R=301]


RewriteBase /

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