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Question about Checkout_shipping.php page


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So as you know the steps:


Customer adds item to cart

" " is taken to view their cart

" " clicks checkout

" " is taken to the checkout_shipping.php page, showing shipping totals

" " clicks continue... and then nothing happens? Wuttt? Lol


Okay, so I just installed the individual shipping addon, where each item can have it's own shipping cost configured.


After completion, everything looked great - just how it's supposed to, yippee another add-on ready to go! - wrong!


I clicked continue at the bottom (as if to go enter payment information) to finish testing, and then it just turned to a blank page with the url at the top still being www.example.com/checkout_shipping.php


Anyyy clue what I did wrong?

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I've been digging and digging. Just found out that if I go to the administration side of my site and go back to modules, shipping and turn individual shipping to false the pages work like normal. So not sure what I've messed up... it's a rather long install, I did the very first release of it individual shipping because I wasn't sure which one to use with 2.3.1, so do you think that may be the problem?



That is the link to the addon I am using.

I grabbed the one from the very bottom from July 8 2003.

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I just double checked the install, all the instructions were done properly. I can't figure it out. I need this to be functional so bad... it's probably something really simple and stupid and like usual it's taking so long to find the error.

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Still no luck as of yet, has been almost an 8 hour problem so far lol.


It works when I go to administration side of the site, modules, shipping, and "uninstall" the individual shipping module... so I know it's a problem with the addon...


As soon as I reinstall it, the continue button once again I guess just tries to reload www.example.com/checkout_shipping.php and returns a blank page.

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