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The e-commerce.

Can't get to admin,just a blank page using firefox


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Hi all :)


I'm just a little bit frustrated right now hehehe it's been years since i used oscommerce but anyway, i decided to try out version 2.3.3

and a new template, everything was working nice in the beginning, but after 2-3 hrs suddeny admin page is blank and it is still blank after 2 days using firefox, i don't have the problem using chrome, what can i do to fix it?

3 days ago using firefox, problems occurred and suddenly it was gone, on frontside but my question is why is admin page blank using firefox? :o


Thank you guys and happy easter :)

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In addition to looking for logged error messages, also look at the page source (ctrl-U in FF) to see if there are any on-screen messages you're overlooking. If it's only showing the problem in one browser, clear that browser's cache and even try the same browser on another PC. Have you made any changes to any part of the site since it was last working OK? Check the timestamps (last modified date/time) on all files to see if some hacker has been messing with your files since the last time you did anything. Go into your host control panel and/or phpMyAdmin and do a CHECK (and if necessary, REPAIR) on the database tables. If there's any sign that some hacker has gotten in, scan your PC for spyware and then change your passwords (host access, FTP, osC login, etc.). Remove any files you can't account for. Inspect any file that has been too recently modified, for inserted hack code, or things like blank lines at beginning or end.


The most helpful starting point would be to know what error message(s) are being reported. Find out if your host just upgraded anything, especially the PHP version. I think osC 2.3.3 is PHP 5.4 compatible, but I won't swear to it -- it might not be.

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Probably one language file is bad. I think would be difference between the chrome and the firefox language handling.

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Has a solution been found for this issue, I have checked my log file and the only errors were image files missing.


I am able to bring up the site but once you select another page it goes blank..

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