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propose for a permanent post on top of this subfroum


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At payment modules subforum, it would be better to have, at the top side,a permanent post something like this:"Please read me first" ,and to find there the minimum instructions about which are the latest/best/enough add ons if you choice to install Paypal, or 2checkout or the others. For example, I need to install payment modules for selling in US,EU and Japan,and I am really don't know what to choice. At paypal I installed first Paypal IPN, then somebody indicate me Paypal checkout.I saw there is Paypal checkout express. Which one is the best?I don't know.I am a new here, and each new comers can be helped with this "read me first" updated.

Else, I need to read from the scratch thousand of pages, to test hundreds of add ons, and these can last at least one year, or till my enthusiasm will be dissapered. I don't want to give up, so I need advice about payment modules.What to choice in my case?

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"Best" is very subjective. What's best for you, may not be best for Mr Pink, may not be best for Mr Black.


Paypal Standard is better in my opinion than Paypal Express. Someone else might say Paypal Express is better than Paypal Standard.


It is down to you to decide which is the best for your shop, maybe by testing them out in a live situation.

Best I mean no bugs and more features.Thx for answer.

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I supposed that there are diferences between add ons and each has their features.To some of you like some add on.These answers were enough for me to make an opinion about that and not to looks for days in all the add ons.

Thank you told me that Paypal standard is one of the best.


Now I have the ideea more cleary:Mayby we can put at the top of this subforum a small survey,where we can vote for each payment module and from this everybody can see which are the best add on (built and useful).

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