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Using a non-relational database with osCommerce (Discussionu)

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I've been learning about NoSQL Databases that use object models instead of traditional table-based implementations and it seems like something that would be helpful on osCommerce installations with heavy traffic. I'm working on an online store with over 8k products, 20k orders, and 50k products sold. It seems like one of these databases like MongoDB would be able to combine a ton of tables, like one staring with Customers, Orders, etc, into customer based records.


My question: Has anyone ever heard of any projects to get a NoSQL database to work with osC?


//Additional questions


My main purpose in looking toward a NoSQL database is to try to speed up my site.


Or: Does anyone know of any tips/tricks to really increase the performance of an osCommerce 2.3.x site?


Also: Is anyone familiar with any type of query profiler, perhaps similiar to the CodeIgniter one, that would let me see what all is being run to generate each page?

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A little knowledge of php goes a long way.

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I apologize for not having read the guidelines for this forum. I'm not sure where the best place to move this topic would be, and I don't know that I am able to move it. If a moderator could please relocate it, I would appreciate that. Also I apologize for double posting, I don't see an edit button anymore.

A little knowledge of php goes a long way.

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