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Images not displaying after populating with EasyPopulate


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Hi i have uploaded my products via Easypopulate... the image URL's are from a external website..


But easypopulate has added my domain name before the URL. thus the image does not display


How do i get rid of my domain name in front of the URL address of the image..


any help would be most appreciated.....



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Hi i have incorporated and edit website to accept the images from a external source...


This works fine...... but i am finding that some of the images are not being displayed is becuase the image URL is too long


e.g hxxp://www.atssitecentre.co.uk/images/products/37000/5006037098f.jpg


is only displaying as



thus not displaying...


Does Osc have a limit on URL length for images, and if so how do we increase this length


Hope someone can help..


Thanks in advance...

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Too long, or just missing the .jpg extension (per your previous post)? How many names are you talking about (i.e., how big a job to manually add .jpg either to the file or in the database records)? How did you generate the image file URLs in the first place, and how would the extension have gotten cut off?

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Hi the easypopulate file show the full image URL INCLUDING THE .JPG AT END..


But now the images are not showing and property shows that the .jpg is missing..


I increased the image charscter legnth to 128 (from 64) , but still the same..


too many products ... but doing manually is not the problem..

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Then it's not a matter of length, but of something in the process of using Easy Populate that's stripping off the image file extensions. You say that the extensions are still in the CSV file. Can you use phpMyAdmin to browse the product information tables and see if the .jpg has already been stripped off? If it has, I'd ask the Easy Populate author in that add-on's support thread. If it's in the database with .jpg, someone must be stripping it off no later than tep_image(), which outputs the image file name to the browser.


You're not using a Microsoft OS or browser that is hiding file extensions, are you?

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(continued) Have you checked the HTML output (look at the browser page source) and/or right clicked on the missing image to see what URL it's trying to get the image from? If this is only affecting some images, I would suspect that the images' URLs (paths/names) were incorrect in the first place, rather than something in the code messing them up. The problem would be all the way back at your spreadsheet or other original source. Windows likes to hide file extensions by default, so that might be misleading you.

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