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The e-commerce.

One website and store shipping from two different countries


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Hi, i am new here, and so far, can't find the answer to my query.


I have one store, based in Australia, but products are made both in Australia, and the UK.

Is it possible to have shipping locations from two different countries in the same store?

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This doesn't really matter to the customer they just want to see the cost of shipping to them.


The shipping cost will depend on where the product is located and where it is going to.


Looks like adding a flag to each product and then maybe an amended zones.php which calculates the wt of products despatched from UK and AU and then adds the 2 together to give the final cost.


So yes it is possible and no I have not seen an add-on to do this.





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Is this for the purpose of determining which sales tax/VAT to charge to a particular customer? Does one particular product ship from one country, and another from the other country, or could a given product ship from either? If the latter, I think the tax authorities would frown upon any attempt to evade charging taxes on the grounds that "the product might be shipped from the other country. Normally, osC is set up to assume that taxes are charged for shipping addresses (recipients) in any state or country that you have a business "nexus" in.


If it's not a matter of taxes, but of deciding which warehouse to ship from, osC doesn't get into that. That's something for your backend logistics to decide. osC merely hands over the customer order to you and someone else gets to decide where to ship it from.


Maybe you could elaborate on the problem you're trying to solve?

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Hi Rob,


Correct me if I am wrong but I do not think that OSC specifies the product location as part of customer checkout (experience) so I would think your question is more about getting the cost of shipping costs right is this correct ???

(this appears only in admin)


Maybe this would do what you want may need a bit of updating for 2.3


It would allow for different shipping costs per product guess you would have to clarify on product info where the particular product is being shipped from delivery time etc !!




Naturally may be easier just to use the standard shipping and adjust weight accordingly to reflect shipping cost.


or use the




here you can specify zones and adjust the shipping price.


would suggest you do a search for addon shipping module


probably already there what you need .





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Many thanks for all the replies :)


Basically, the store will sell craft products. It belongs to two sisters, one in Australia, the other in UK.

Both will create different products to go in the store, so some will be only available from the UK, others, from Oz

Not trying to avoid any taxes, or do anything dodgy.


Maybe the simplest, is just to put the shipping location, and cost on each individual product, as has been mentioned.

I was overthinking the problem,as usual...


Thank for a great forum. Learning loads, just browsing through :)


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