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Moving from a host to another host


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I would like to move an OSC site to other host. I changed the configure.php in 2 places - in admin and includes.

But I cannot see the photos in the site. I think that the problem is with my provider - domaingo.de.

Do you have any idea what i have to ask when I call?


The site ist intertoner dot de



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Is everything working except that you cannot see any of your images? Are the files there (in the same place that the browser is trying to display from), but failing to display?


How did you move the files? If you used Filezilla to bulk move everything, be aware that sometimes it selects the wrong mode for files that should be transferred in binary mode (like images) and irreversibly corrupts them. Try using your browser to call up and display one or two sample images, and see if they're OK or if they're corrupted. If they're corrupted (undisplayable), you'll have to transfer them again, being careful to do so in "binary" mode.


Another possibility is that all images are being blocked because your site has "hotlink protection" installed, but no one "whitelisted" your own site. You may or may not be able to call up images directly in your browser, while not being able to display them on your site. Talk to your host about how to whitelist your site (both www. and non-www. forms of the domain name, plus any subdomains).

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