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The e-commerce.

I am screwed


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Hello to all. I am new to the forum but have been using OSCommerce for years. SUDDENLY, my site has a problem that I can't figure out and I have spent nearly 2 days googling and trying to find help, now I'm here. Using v. 2.3.1 on a shared linux server. Have installed a VERY few mods (master password, password reset and think that is all - has worked for so long that I don't remember what I installed or how to check it. I have looked at dates and can see files that are newer, obviously.


My problem: Site seems to run just fine till an existing customer tries to log in to their account. They get looped back to log-in page. If they attempt password reset, they get an email that says "EMAIL_PASSWORD_REMINDER_BODY" in the body of the email.


I re-created a fresh install and once I started to import the data from the back-up, I got this: http://mhidelivers.com/theshop/ (take a look)


I don't know where to begin to fix this. The tables are all empty so I'm lost.... as to why this is happening.

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Update to 2.3.3 .(start with the update guide from 2.3.2 and then 2.3.3)

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Sounds like corruption of database. Language is not selected at all.

If you have PHP knowledge, you will have to go through debugging the application_top.php. From memory, language selection is picked up from session information, otherwise, it tries to get it from browser.

And, from memory,. something is not quite right there. I have issues with language selection in admin interface. It sometimes decides to jump languages by itself.


If you are not familiar with PHP, then upgrading to 2.3 is a good option as suggested above.



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