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The e-commerce.

need to take charge of website and know nothing


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It will soon be apparent that I know nothing of the workings of oscommerce and it is time I learned. The webmaster who created our site has always had charge of any modifications- this is no longer workable or desirable as we are unable to make the tiniest changes.

How do I find which version I have? only clue copyright 2003

Do I need to upgrade?

How do I start taking control of my property?




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Go into the admin side of your shop. Under tools you should see Server Info, you can see your version there.


If it's an older version you should upgrade.

I am not a professional webmaster or PHP coder by background or training but I will try to help as best I can.

I remember what it was like when I first started with osC. It can be overwhelming.

However, I strongly recommend considering hiring a professional for extensive site modifications, site cleaning, etc.

There are several good pros here on osCommerce. Look around, you'll figure out who they are.

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Depending on your version, you may have to create a new website using the latest stable version. Your site could be MS2, RC1 or RC2a. Your version number will determine your options.





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Posted · Hidden by Jan Zonjee, March 10, 2013 - profanity
Hidden by Jan Zonjee, March 10, 2013 - profanity



Dont listen to dunweb, this guy is only out for himself. You can definateley work with your current setup of oscommerce. No need to upgrade or build a new store like this douche is recommending. If you look around the forumn you'll see many instances of him plugging his own work & name. He's just trying to stay relevant with his post, advertising at its finest. Dont do business with him whatever you do, you will not be satisfied. Just check his profile page, huge red flag warning everyone about this fuck!

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Hi Suzi,


Have a look in includes/application_top.php


about line 36 // define the project version


here you will find the version you are using


An upgrade is probably to recommend but depends a bit on how good the webmaster was at keeping updated with security fixes and php

I always recommend better to start sooner with an upgrade rather than later but do in a development shop separate from live shop.

This then gives you time to do yourself rather than wake up one morning and shop is down and you need a quick solution that is then what costs money.





To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.


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It may be that the webmaster owns the copyright to the look of the site...


If you are certain that the site is yours, then you need to;


1. change all the passwords to stop the webmaster access (does the webmaster host it for you?)

2. possibly sort out a new hosting account somewhere

3. move the site (and repoint the nameservers)


You then can take all the time you want to make changes in your site.

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