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The e-commerce.

2rc2a work super in IE but does not work in another browsers


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Hi Harald and all


I used this great script in 2007, 2008 and then i stoped working with it. I used 2rc2a then and i put many contribution. Then -now in 2013 i made a site but i used the old 2rc2a script from my arhive HDD(it's a problem this for css file?). because i know and remember him. I dont know and not instaled the new scripts 2.3... Ok - I installed the old script , and i made changes and put another contribution ...and the site work super BUT - all work super , seo, site map..and another contribution....but site work super only in IE and in another browser it,s working sometime good. If i use for exemple Google Chrome or FF the page site when i change a page -for exemple -click next or preview picture , the page moved (float ) to the right side from middle page to right side.


I searched this problem on google...i tried change ccss properties -clear, float.center,position.. or use triks with -webkit...but nothing. Someone knows this bug..On the google almost the problem are with the IE but in my case IE work great. I tried also change the DOCTYPE ..but nothing.


Pls you can help me and give me an advice ?


Thanks in adavance .

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Look for a center shop contribution


The text-align: center at the top of the stylesheet .css is enough for IE as far as I remember but you can try maybe




used the one Spooks I think easy install.



PS: Also possible you messed some tables up


You should really consider going for 2.33 before putting a lot of work in an old rc2 version just no point at all.



To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.


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Thanks Joli , i tried with :



.content {

margin:0 auto;

text-align: center;


} ........ and div BUT NOTHING , but thanks for link Joli :thumbsup:


When i read this:


In addition to spooks' tech, you can add in your css stylesheet this :


html {

overflow-y: scroll;



and put the code ,my site it,s ok in all browsers.


Thanks a lot for your help and have a nice day Joli.

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