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New products set to top don't display at all


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I may have broken something. When I add a new product and and move it to the top rather than a catgory, it does not show up on the top front page. It use to before I customized the template. Did I break something or soemthing else amiss here

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I think I may know what the issue is.....but it may be database related, also. I am guessing that you have some products directly under the categories, plus some under sub-categories in the same category.You cannot have products in the categories and sub-categories or the products will not show up correctly. This only affects categories that also have sub-categories; you should have all the products in the sub-categories. This is better for SEO as well, plus is works well with bread-crumbs to be able to just go back one level. If you make the change and you still have an issue, you can PM me and I will look into it further.


Matt D.



osCommerce Experts

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Thank you Atwoodz,

but I dont think so. What I have is catagories and then I copied the products from each catagory to the top level so they would all be displayed on the home page as well as be organized by catagory. here is what my admin looks like and my home page





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There is no code to display products at the top level. You would have to write the code to do that.


You probably want to do something else instead. Take a look at the Featured Products addon and see if that's what you want.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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