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Strange Text Below OsCom Banner in Footer


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Looks like javascript not within <script></script> tags.


from your pages source:


</div> <!-- bodyWrapper //-->

<p><cp yp="x/javacp"></p>
<p>  va gaq = gaq || ;
 gaq.puh'Accu', 'UA-38385315-1';
 gaq.puh'DmaNam', 'faua.cm';
<p>  fuc {
   va ga = dcum.caEm'cp'; ga.yp = 'x/javacp'; ga.ayc = u;
   ga.c = 'hp:' == dcum.ca.pc ? 'hp://' : 'hp://www' + '.gg-aayc.cm/ga.j';
   va  = dcum.gEmByTagNam'cp'0; .paNd.Bfga, ;


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Perhaps I'm wrong, but is that text part of the google analytics code or of some other tracking code? if yes, did you add it to the wrong place/file? did you add it in using an editor like Dreamweaver? Just a thought.

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I have no idea what file it is in. You will have to look for it. Since you already have a copy of your site's files on your PC as a backup (right?), run the command findstr /si /c:"va gaq" *.* in your DOS command window (after cding to the store backup's directory). It will tell you what file that code is in. By the way, "va gaq" is very strange -- if it was Javascript it would be var. You might check if something got corrupted. It's possible that the code is already in, say, a .js file, and you're embedding it the wrong way in the wrong place. If it's already in a .js or other file all by itself (not one of osC's .php files), you then need to search for that file name and see who is calling that code and how.


P.S. On your front page, the term you want is "losing hair", not "loosing hair".


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