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Email..I can't get my emails out of OS


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Does your hosting implement a cap on the send rate (per minute, per hour, per day) and you exceeded it? They might have killed all the emails. Can you send one or two to see if your email is set up correctly? Does email work for other things?


If you have a cap on emails, I don't know if there's anything in osC to throttle the email send rate. You might be able to find the code that actually sends out the email, and after each send call a sleep(n);. n would have to be chosen to keep you under the hosting caps. For example, if it's 20 per minute (n=3), 300 per hour (n=5), and 1200 per day (n=72) you would have to wait 72 seconds between mails to stay under the daily cap. If there is no daily cap, or you're sending fewer than 1200 emails, you could sleep 5 seconds to stay under the hourly cap.


An alternative would be to go into phpMyAdmin and export the customer table as a CSV file. Install a mass mailing program such as phpList that understands throttling, and feed it the newsletter and customer list.

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