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How do I change the background color of the text on the main page that says "New products for February"? (I would like the text to be white on a blue background, but I only want to change the background of these words, not the entire main page). Is this in the stylesheet? On which line?


Also, where on the stylesheet is the color code for the "Cart contents, checkout, and my account background" and the navigation header / categories header? I want to change the color of the navigation header to be the same color as the checkout boxes.


See picture attached for an example


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In your style sheet you have


.contentContainer h2 {

font-size: 16px;

text-decoration: underline;

font-weight: normal;

margin-bottom: 0;

padding-bottom: 5px;



You can change and add to this to get the looks you require.


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You can display the page source or you can use various debugging tools such as Firebug (for Firefox browser), or Chrome's built-in debugger, to determine the source line of the heading in question. Look at its id and class to see if it's unique and you can modify any existing CSS (or add a new entry) to change the foreground color and the background-color for just this usage without affecting other headings. If it's not unique enough to affect just that one heading, you will have to modify the PHP source to add an id= to the <h2> tag, and then add CSS for that.

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