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The e-commerce.

My new site with electronic cigarettes


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I want to share with you my new site and ask you your opion about it .



It's online for 2-3 months but it only got indexed by google at the half of january .

I am promoting it on some specific forums and i think it's going quite well .

I have ~500 visitors/day , 170-200 from google each day and i see that the number of visitors from google is rising from a day to another :) . I am adding products every day , a lot of work ( 1-1.5 hours / product ) .


I want to know other opinions , to see what i can improve , some suggestions .

It is a good traffic for a new site ?


Thanks everyone .

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It seems as if your images aren't being handled properly and it is slowing down the site, quite a bit on some pages. I would enact some image control standards, or a full fledged image handler that automatically re-sizes the images for optimum speed. I am not sure if it is their size or their location that is causing them to load slowly, but it will cause issues with SEO and such.


There is also quite a bit of duplicate content, you have detailed product descriptions on your category pages that is causing Google to rank the category pages for those products instead of the actual product pages. This would create a decent amount of traffic, but would cause lower conversion rates, as people aren't directed to the exact product they are looking for. This will also likely keep you from reaching the front page for those products, since the SEO strength for the keywords are being split among at least two pages. There is quite a lot of easy steps you can take by yourself to vastly improve your organic rankings.


Overall the site is nice and clean. Good job!


Matt D.



osCommerce Experts

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