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Create account with customers photo/picture. oSC 2.3.1


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Dear friends,


I got an issue near to drive me crazy. I've been unsuccessfully trying for about two weeks completing a mod to let customers to upload a photo at create account step.


I made proper table arrangements inserting customer_image column and copy pasted code from admin side.


Got a text field able to correctly upload values but when I replace "tep_draw_input_field" with "tep_draw_file_field" in order to get the browser field, I get "


Fatal error
: Call to undefined function tep_draw_file_field() in

Any suggestion?

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The function is located in the admin/includes/functions/html_output.php


// Output a form filefield
 function tep_draw_file_field($name, $required = false) {
   $field = tep_draw_input_field($name, '', '', $required, 'file');
   return $field;


Copy it into your catalog side. You may also need to copy admin/includes/classes/upload.php to the catalog side and add the include path into application_top.php


Careful what you allow through. Try to check the file types to allow only image files and set a specific directory for them. Anything a customer can enter into a shop unsupervised becomes a securty threat.

Follow the community build:

BS3 to osCommerce Responsive from the Get Go!

Check out the new construction:

Admin Gone to Total BS!

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Wooh! Sounds plenty of sense websource!! Sincerely thank you.


I'll check and come back to share tomorrow.


I already did the file limitation to image files (jpg, png...) but not so the different image directory.


Thanks again!!


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