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The e-commerce.

creating customer account information


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I am running osc 2.3.3 on apache for a photography store.

I want to basically ease the registration process for customers

so they don't have to fill out a huge form when registering, and

only require first and last name, email, newsletter, and password


Regarding gathering the rest of the required information for address and shipping, I am

not trying to remove it, just delay it.

How do I blow away the visibility of all the fields on create_account.php, but

not mess with the purchasing or account details further down in the purchasing process?




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There's probably an add-on for it somewhere.


If there's not then I've attached a zip with some butchered 2.3.3 files in it (I've nor had time to (a) comment the changes or ( B) 100% test it)


What I've done is :


create_account.php - take out all the error checking stuff that relates to address fields plus the html for the fields themselves. Add in a new session for customer lastname and give a value of zero to address, zone & country.


Your customer now gets to float around until he hits checkout, - he goes to checkout_shipping where the zero value for his address_id gets him booted to checkout_shipping_address where he gets to enter an address - this page will take this new address and set it as his default - also set that to shipping & billing address


Little change to the module file to just add in the customer's first & last names to the fields as defaults using the $_SESSION values


It does need some more testing to be sure that it does what you want but it should get you on the road use a file comparison program to find my changes - sorry I didn't comment most of 'em


n.b. this will not work for virtual products that skip shipping (I think)

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Hi Bob, that was very handy! If you test it out and it's working I suggest you make a contribution of it.

A becoming customer can then register with full name and email address and not be forced to fill in the other stuff unless he/she buys something. For example free downloads comes first to my mind (no need for full registration).

An extension would be to set newsletters / product notifications as checked.


I haven't got the time to install and test it myself, still working on the shipping thing, osC is doing some unwanted rounding somewhere so the shipping fee and weight calculations are all wrong, despite that the total weight is above 1 kg.


So, back to thinking...





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thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I think for billing purposes to my client, I am going to just

set the admin configurable 'required' fields of fax, phone, etc...to 0 and change some text around to make

it seem less cumbersome to become a member. Unfortunate a live site with a limited budget.

.... turned out pretty cool though.... davidmckayphotography.com

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Add in a new session for customer lastname and give a value of zero to address, zone & country.


Hey man, i was testing the zip file, what do you mean by "Add in a new session for customer lastname" and how can i give the value of zero to some fields?


Thank you anyway.

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