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Add extra fields for Customer details


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Hello there!


I am using the latest version of OSC, 2.3.3.

Today I received my first order with different shipping and payment addresses, and realized that I need to be able to have a field for telephone and email for the delivery-address as well as the one making the order.


How can I add this? It doesn't have to have the "title", just the input info. Ex. I don't need to see Telephone: 000000, just 00000. I tried just changing titles of the "state" and "suburb", since I won't use these, but they end up in the wrong place. If it would be easier to change where these get placed I'm up for it! (obviously I need these two informations at the bottom, at a new line after country.)




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Take a look at your database table 'address_format' and change the content of field 'address_format'. For example, if the field 'address_format' for 'address_format_id' 2 looks like this:


$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$state$postcode$cr$country


and you want to use 'state' as 'telephone' and then put 'telephone' at the end of the address, you can change the above line to:


$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$postcode$cr$country$cr$state


This is just the idea, not an accurate example. Your database table 'address_format' should be very different as my shop is heavily modified.


Backup your database before you make any changes to it.


Best wishes, Eddy

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Oh, that's really handy to know! And that would also mean that to change all is not incredibly stupid ;) I only have my store open to people in Sweden, so I don't think it would matter for the rest of the world..


Thank you so much for all the help! Really appreciate it! :D

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