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Solucart version 2.1 fork of osCommerce?


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Hi All,


I have inherited a site that I need to update and maintain. Initially I though it had osCommerce installed on it but after checking the versions and what not, I got 'Solucart version 2.1' from the application_top.php and there is a version.php that says 2.2.


The only usable information I got regarding Solucart is from this forum in the archives:




From what I gather Solucart was a fork of osCommerce but other than that, there is no available information about this project at all or the differences between the two, etc. As the installation seems to be 2-3 years old, what I would like to do is somehow update it to the latest osCommerce version if possible (for security purposes), and install some new modules. I don't know if this is possible or not so I figured I would take a stab in the dark and post my questions here. I already did try to PM the original poster of the other thread but as that has not been active since 2010 who knows how that will turn out.


Any assistance at all will be greatly appreciated.

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What I would suggest is, create a new cart using v2.3.3 and then integrate your existing database into the new installation. YES, there will be differences that you will need address but if you are proficient in SQL, you should do just fine.





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I was able to synchronize the databases mostly. The 2.3.3 stock install has less tables as well as some table differences which seem to be due to extra modules being installed. I will see if I can figure out if there are comparable 2.3.3 modules based on those table names.


The biggest headache for me at the moment is the skin/theme part of it. The layout looks completely different from the stock layout and I have no idea about how to approach migrating that over.

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