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Problem with S&H fees with Paypal IPN


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Has you may know, Paypal has experienced a system issue affecting Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) on January 28.

Since that, on some payments received, the S&H fees are not correct.


For example, the S&H on my OSC website is $7.50 USD but on the Paypal invoice, it shows $7.22 USD.


I am Canadian but all my transactions use the USD.

I could be wrong but it's as if my shipping costs were seen as being in CAD and converted to USD.

Before the end of January, everything was working perfectly, and that is why I think the question of Paypal IPN may be the cause.


Someone has the same problem?

Or do you have any idea about what i could do to correct this?


Thank you very much!


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Hi Guy,


Have you checked Admin->Localization->Currency


To make sure your CAD USD conversion is accurate?


I'm not sure if this is the problem but since nobody has posited another anwser, it is something worth looking at.

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Hi Don,


Thanks for your reply.


No changes have been made to my store but i've checked anyway just to be sure and yes, the currency is ok; only the USD is activated.

Furthemore, only shipping cause problems .... the prices of items are ok.


I wrote to Paypal technical support and they have opened a case but still no respond from them.


This is very strange... it seems that when the customer is canadian, the shipping is ok; if the customer is european or american, the problem arise.


Do not hesitate if you have any other idea! ;-)

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The problem with the shipping fees is still present!!

Please, look at the first message of this topic for a complete description.


I sent another message to the Paypal technical support team about 2 weeks ago but i didn't got any reply... very frustrating!


I'm sure at 99% that the problem is on their side because i made no change to my store and everything was working perfectly before february.

The most strange thing is that the problem do not arise for all sales.


On my last sale, yesterday, the S&H fees on my OSC invoice was $14.00 USD (that is correct) but on the Paypal invoice the S&H was $13.52 USD


If someone has this strange problem, please let me know. Or any idea what i should do?


Thank you

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I finally got a reply from the Paypal Technical Support Team and i did my best to provide them all the necessary information but, as expected, it seems that they didn't make a real effort to verify every aspects of my problem. They have made a test on my website, they have saw the shipping was correct and determined that my cart is the problem. It's like talking with a wall.


So, i really need your help.



Below is a complete review of the problem.


For some of my sales, the shipping charges on the Paypal invoice are incorrect.

The price of the items is always correct; only the shipping fees cause problem.

Also, everything (price of the items, sub-total, shipping fees and total) is correct on the invoice of my OSC store.

I have tried to find a relation between the problematic transactions without success. It doesn't seems to be related to the customer or the country of destination. In fact, for a same customer, sometimes the shipping fees are ok and sometimes not.



-- My OSC version is 2.2 RC1


-- My web server is running PHP 5.4


-- My Paypal IPN module is version


-- I use only Flat rates to determine the shipping fees depending of the amount of the order and the country of destination.


-- Only one currency is configurated on my store : USD


-- No modifications (absolutely none) have been made to my store and everything was working perfectly for many years before the problem arise for the first time in the beginning of february.



Look at the differences between the shipping fees on some problematic transactions that i got :


Shipping on my OSC invoice Shipping on the Paypal invoice


$3.50 USD ….................................................. $3.43 USD


$14.00 USD ….................................................. $13.52 USD


$13.00 USD …................................................... $12.90 USD


$7.50 USD …..................................................... $7.22 USD


$3.50 USD …..................................................... $3.45 USD



I can't understand which kind of calculations may be applied to obtain these strange shipping fees.

Look the first and the last example, on my OSC invoice it's $3.50 USD and on the Paypal invoice we got 2 different fees ($3.43 USD and $3.45 USD). The difference between the shipping fees is not important, but may be sufficient for my clients to become insecure about the reliability of my website and the security of their transactions.


I have checked directly in my database to verify if the saved shipping fees are ok and yes, everything is correct. The only place where the shipping fees are (sometimes) incorrect is on the Paypal side and they continue to point my shopping cart!


Am i wrong if i say that once the correct information is saved in my database, my OSC cart can NOT be the problem?

Any hint or comment would be very appreciated!

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