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Using 2.2 rc2 credit card module with new 2.3.3 installation.

Guest windcask

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Guest windcask



I'm trying to get the built-in (non-payment gateway) "Credit Card" module to work with a new installation of OSCommerce. I was told that the module will work unchanged with the new installation. I copied over cc.php into my /catalog/includes/modules/payment/ folder, and the cc.php language file into the /catalog/includes/languages/modules/payment folder.


The module shows up in my administration - modules - boxes - install page as "Credit Card." When I click the "Edit" button on the settings, it throws me back to administration - modules - boxes and the module is not enabled. I'm assuming something goes wrong at this point.


Am I missing any steps, or is there anything further I can do to circumvent the problem? I'd appreciate any and all help.



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The CC payment method was removed from 2.3.x because of PCI DSS compliance. The module that was included in v2.2 strictly stated NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE and should never have been used on your 2.2 site. You will have to install a payment processor payment method for use with v2.3.x





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Honest question. Where in the PCI DSS specification does it mention that 3rd party credit card processing is required in order to be PCI DSS compliant?



Or maybe a better way to phrase it. Where does it mention that a "payment gateway" is required in order to be PCI DSS compliant?

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It doesn't state you have to use a 3rd party processor. However, becoming complaint yourself can be very costly (upwards of $5000 usually) and therefore most choose an online payment processor instead.




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Take a bit of time and read all about PCI compliance. There are pages of information on the internet. Most of those pages say that to become pci compliant you will have to jump through many hoops, pay many thousands. What they also say is that unless you are a multi national business then its a waste of money, when you can sign up and use many specialist payment providers that are already pci compliant.


Take chris's advice and sign up foe one of these payment providers which will aleviate any problems you may have now or in the future. I also think that you will get little or no help from people on these forums as they to could be liable if you have any legal problems.


This page is a real eye opener




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Hello windcast,


The advice you've got so far should be listened to.


From what you say it appears you are seeking a solution to accept credit cards online and charge them offline in to your own merchant facility yourself.


We can help you here.


Thank you




Accept credit cards online > safely process offline

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