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most recently added item description on previous items


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Hi all,


First post here, in fact first time I've played with any OS commerce type software.


I think I have setup and installed it correctly, but its still early days, just busy tweaking images etc and getting a feel for the software... my shop isnt a serious one, just for my parents to eventually sell some of their old household stuff.


I'm not sure if you will be able to help me, as after installed OSc, i installed a template (then edited images)


The main page of the template shows the 4 most recently added items to the shop, along with the photo, title and a short description.


The problem I have is that when I upload a new item, the 'short' description on the 'homepage' displays correctly for the newly added item, but the short description for the previously added item also changes to that of the newly added item.


I hope that makes sense!!!


here is the template I installed:



and here is a link to my site, im still messing about with it, so theres many things that still need sorted:



as you will see, I have added a lamp, with a description, then when I added the 'Jazzy Table', the description of the lamp also changed to jazzy table.

Same with the description of the 'love sign' and spoon....


Any pointers at all would be really appreciated!

I dont really know my way around the file system in OSc, so even info on what file I should look in would be a help.

Many thanks.

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That template has coding errors and since it was FREE, there would be no FREE support for it.


TIP: Using a search engine, you will find MANY 'free' templates. MANY of those free templates are KNOWN to have coding / layout issues. The template author, offers PAID support for those FREE templates that the author KNOWS has various issues. It's a well known scam.


FREE is NEVER actually NO COST (where it be time or money)





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thanks for the reply


I have been messing about and have replaced the 'new_products.php' with a vanilla one provided in the OSc install zip, although i dont like the look of the page now, the new products description display as it should...


plenty more tweaknig required.


to be honest, once i've found my way around what file does what, i'll start a fresh and build my own, probably...


thanks again.

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The template you have is an older osCommerce version, so you can't just use files of the current version


In general, it would be worth to reconsider if you really want to start a new store with an older version just because this template you found

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