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Postcode Validation


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Hi All,


I need to make sure that when customers signup to my oscommerce website or update their address that their postcode is formatted correctly. So if they type LN112BN it will either tell them to reenter it with a space or automatically change it to LN11 2BN.


I have had a look through add-ons but cant really find anything. What would be thest way to do this?



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Resolved using a script found on this site http://www.braemoor.co.uk/software/postcodes.shtml. Simply paste the following code into your form_check.js.php located in includes.


function checkPostcode (&$toCheck) {

// Permitted letters depend upon their position in the postcode.
$alpha1 = "[abcdefghijklmnoprstuwyz]"; // Character 1
$alpha2 = "[abcdefghklmnopqrstuvwxy]"; // Character 2
$alpha3 = "[abcdefghjkpmnrstuvwxy]"; // Character 3
$alpha4 = "[abehmnprvwxy]"; // Character 4
$alpha5 = "[abdefghjlnpqrstuwxyz]"; // Character 5
$BFPOa5 = "[abdefghjlnpqrst]{1}"; // BFPO character 5
$BFPOa6 = "[abdefghjlnpqrstuwzyz]{1}"; // BFPO character 6

// Expression for BF1 type postcodes
$pcexp[0] = '/^(bf1)([[:space:]]{0,})([0-9]{1}' . $BFPOa5 . $BFPOa6 .')$/';

// Expression for postcodes: AN NAA, ANN NAA, AAN NAA, and AANN NAA with a space
$pcexp[1] = '/^('.$alpha1.'{1}'.$alpha2.'{0,1}[0-9]{1,2})([[:space:]]{0,})([0-9]{1}'.$alpha5.'{2})$/';

// Expression for postcodes: ANA NAA
$pcexp[2] = '/^('.$alpha1.'{1}[0-9]{1}'.$alpha3.'{1})([[:space:]]{0,})([0-9]{1}'.$alpha5.'{2})$/';

// Expression for postcodes: AANA NAA
$pcexp[3] = '/^('.$alpha1.'{1}'.$alpha2.'{1}[0-9]{1}'.$alpha4.')([[:space:]]{0,})([0-9]{1}'.$alpha5.'{2})$/';

// Exception for the special postcode GIR 0AA
$pcexp[4] = '/^(gir)([[:space:]]{0,})(0aa)$/';

// Standard BFPO numbers
$pcexp[5] = '/^(bfpo)([[:space:]]{0,})([0-9]{1,4})$/';

// c/o BFPO numbers
$pcexp[6] = '/^(bfpo)([[:space:]]{0,})(c\/o([[:space:]]{0,})[0-9]{1,3})$/';

// Overseas Territories
$pcexp[7] = '/^([a-z]{4})([[:space:]]{0,})(1zz)$/';

// Anquilla
$pcexp[8] = '/^ai-2640$/';

// Load up the string to check, converting into lowercase
$postcode = strtolower($toCheck);

// Assume we are not going to find a valid postcode
$valid = false;

// Check the string against the six types of postcodes
foreach ($pcexp as $regexp) {

if (preg_match($regexp,$postcode, $matches)) {

// Load new postcode back into the form element
$postcode = strtoupper ($matches[1] . ' ' . $matches [3]);

// Take account of the special BFPO c/o format
$postcode = preg_replace ('/C\/O([[:space:]]{0,})/', 'c/o ', $postcode);

// Take acount of special Anquilla postcode format (a pain, but that's the way it is)
if (preg_match($pcexp[7],strtolower($toCheck), $matches)) $postcode = 'AI-2640';

// Remember that we have found that the code is valid and break from loop
$valid = true;

// Return with the reformatted valid postcode in uppercase if the postcode was
// valid
if ($valid){
$toCheck = $postcode;
return true;
else return false;

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