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Hi RS, yes, that is the case, but what php file would I need to put <a target="_blank" href="http://www your link to a new page"> YOUR TEXT HERE </a> in?

I have w3schools BM. But really, that site is for someone who wants to learn about it all. at present, all I want to do is get a site up. w3school can at a later date.

Cheers though.



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Hi RS, either on the top along with the cart continence, checkout. another button. if that pos. or somewhere it will stay. Or left hand side.

Not to sure whats possible at this stage. A learning curve. that will get better as time passes.



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If you want a button in your header, beside the checkout etc buttons, you could use


tep_draw_button('My blog', 'person', 'http://multimixer.gr', 'primary', array('newwindow'=>'newwindow'));


You can also take a look to here


If you want to have it somewhere else, you need to say where exactly.


If e.g., you want to have it in the footer, you could place the link that @@14steve14 posted directly to catalog/includes/footer.php

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