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Paypal Express problems osc 2.3.1


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I am currently loose every day some customers due to paypal express module . Many customers complain that they can't finish their orders .

I have been told that they are redirected to this page ecig-vapo.com/checkout_confirmation.html?do=confirm after they click on pay now button instead of being redirected to the correct url page which is this http://www.ecig-vapo.com/checkout_success.html .

I had sent an email to company who made my site and they told me that customers are redirected to the wrong page only then when the total value of the order paid on paypal page is different from the total value of the order from site , so they told me that they changed to be redirected to the shopping cart ( now i realise that they didn't done anything about the problem , shit , they only changed an url ) . Yesterday i had tried to make some tests and i think i found the problem . Let's say that i have 2 shipping methods A and B . I selected on site Method A and on paypal page i changed to method B of shipping (the order total changed and updated on paypal page )and when i clicked on Pay now i was redirected to the shoping cart ( i think if they didn't change the url i would be redirected here ecig-vapo.com/checkout_confirmation.html?do=confirm ) .

My question is what i need to change to can't change the shipping method on paypal page , i want the shipping method to be locked . If o select on website a shipping method i would like to can't select another one on paypal page because i am sure from here is the problem .

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