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Website loads correctly with Safari - crushes with Chrome


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Recently I've encountered this weird problem. I haven't been changing anything in a code of the store (osCommerce Merchant v2.2 RCa 2) but the store doesn't display properly when opened in for example Chrome.

I've checked on my machine - it doesn't work on Chrome but it does perfectly with Safari.

On other machines it sometimes works normally on Chrome, on others it doesn't. It also gets displayed ok on IE.


The problem also occurs when trying to get into admin panel. When the site works fine - panel works fine as well. When the site doesn't work properly, so does the panel - no products, no customers, orders. Nothing.



It seems as if there was a problem with connecting to the database in Chrome, but I can't figure what might be wrong.

It's interesting that for example I can log in as a customer although it looks as if there was no database data available.


Attached you'll find screenshots of the main site from chrome and safari.


Anyone can help with it?


(Chrome) http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/1873/chromejp.png


(Safari) http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/8211/safarim.png

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Hi - looking at the Chrome image there's English in places but not in others - it is reading the database as there data visible. I think that the site is not accessing the inlcludes/languages/polish folder correctly - maybe something like a double slash // that safari can interpret but Chrome cannot - check the includes/configuration.php against a good example and see if changing a setting there helps

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