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limit on the stock to buy


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Limit amount to finalize the purchase shopping_cart.php


Admin on Product X has 50 units


In the cart when placing 60 units appears warning and buy button does not appear


If you have other products in shopping_cart.php when the limit does not get out of the page shopping_cart.php

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Have any Contribution, example: put quantity limit of 60 units Product example.


When user put 61 a message appears, try clicking the buy button does not go to another step.


Is there any way to do it, time limit for quantity purchase.

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So you might have 1000 in stock but want to limit any purchase to 60 or 100 or whatever.


And this limit might be only for some products and not others.

And this limit might be different for different products.




Something could be done in the cart class file, with some logic in checkout_shipping to redirect to shopping cart if the limit for any product is exceeded. Off the top of my head I cannot think of any addon that does this, but have a search and you might find one.

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Per product or for the whole cart?


So, if you put limit as 30, is this 30 of EACH product?

Or would it be whatever you want so long as not more than 30 in total?


Also, did you not see my previous comment?

If it is per product, can the limit be different for each product?

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Nothing like this exists as far as I know. Have you searched? If you have searched, and nothing is found; then it needs to be coded.

Can you code it yourself? If not then you have two choices;


1. wait until someone else needs something similar, and hope they code it (and release it).

2. get it coded, then release the made code to the community so that future people who need the same can use it.


If you want to find a coder, use the commercial section of this forum.

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