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The e-commerce.

Newbie Need Help publishing finished website


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Hello guys..

As youcan tell already that Im the Newbie of all.

I have finished buildeing website that has hosting servers, connected and running mysql database.

Now I want to save my work and get this amateure website on web space...

Would Some one Tell me how to go about this..

Thank you guy.

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Upload all of the files via FTP to your hosting account, create and import your database and then change the two configure.php files to set your actual paths and database information.






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When you say "publish" your website, I hope you're not trying to use Dreamweaver, Expression Web, or some other HTML page editor. Avoid those like the plague! You must use an "FTP client" such as FileZilla to transfer files from your PC to your real site web server. You also need to understand whatever manual steps are needed to set up and populate the database for your site (create database, set up user with ID and password, grant privileges, import the osC .sql backup, update configure.php files,...).


Is what you have so far a local W/X/LAMPP installation on your PC that you used to play with your store and tune it to your liking? I recommend against using a *AMPP stack, simply because you'll usually end up with different PHP and/or MySQL versions than your real site web server uses, which can cause all sorts of problems. You should instead install in a "password protected directory" on the server, so that search engines and nosy visitors can be locked out until you're ready to go public. For later upgrades and development, you can do the same thing off on the side for a /dev directory, while leaving your main store open to the public. If you loaded up your database on *AMPP, you'll have to back it up and restore it on the real site server. Finally, always install a major application (like osC) in its own directory (e.g., /catalog/) rather than putting it in the root /. That will save a huge amount of effort when later you decide to add a forum, blog, gallery, whatever to your site.

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Thank you guys for prompt reply.

I was building on www. mydomainname.com/web/admin/login.php.

Is this implemented on my local computer? or am i using oscommerce online such as using directly form my server?

I have created mysl server database, user name, pass word, buy not sure how to update configure.php to my public_html.

thanx in advance..

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So is that some tool supplied by your hosting service? osC would have nothing to do with that sort of thing. I don't recall osC offering any kind of "web installer" thingy. Assuming it's host-supplied, you'd have to ask them about it. At the same time, check that what you're installing is reasonably up to date. New shops should only be made with osC 2.3.x (2.3.3 is the latest). If they supplied an osC 2.2 version, it's no good. If they supplied an osC 3 version, it's no good.


/web/admin/login.php sounds like it would be on your web server, but I can't tell you what it is you're working with. How did you get to this point? Did you obtain an osC installation image from this site and install it, or did you click a one-button "install a store" from your host?

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Hello Phil. Yes it was add on Service offered by my host company. The Version that Im using is osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.

I did installed with one button Install by easyscript. how I got to this point......cause I am newbie..

thanks for your information. I will contact my host tech support and try to resolve it.

Thanks again.

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