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Newbie question please help - looking for a very simple checkout page


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I've downloaded and installed the oscommerce shopping cart so that I can keep people on my website without sending them to paypal.


My problem is, I have a very simple store. I'm only selling two items. Traffic ticket and warrant quashing services. No shipping. No taxes. etc.


I'd like to make the checkout process as simple as possible. Specifically I'd like to do the following:


Let customers order without creating an account.


Have all of the information the customer needs to input - name, address, citation number, credit card info, etc all on one page and have them click submit and have their order completed. An auto-email sent and have them re-direct to a thank you page.


I like the functionality of os. But, I don't need a large shopping cart, just a way to keep people on my site while checking out using paypal.


I hope I have explained what I'm trying to do. I hope someone here can help with this. I have looked around this forum and in the add-ons for something like this and I'm not finding it. Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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You will need a few add-ons and also a merchant account and a payment gateway to process the credit card payments. ( something like authorize.net or PayPal Pro )

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@ toyicebear - I got the $5 paypal service which says it lets people stay on my page during checkout. Is that sufficient? Or am I missing something.


@ burt - looking that up now.


Thanks again. If either of you ever get a traffic ticket in Vegas, let me know. It's on me.

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Be aware that any Third Party payment service that has customers entering their credit card numbers on your site means that your site has to be fully PCI-DSS compliant (the same as if you used a payment gateway and merchant account). That can be fairly expensive unless you have a very high volume site. If you're just starting out, consider regular PayPal (takes customers to their page). I think PayPal has the option to "disguise" their own page to look a bit like yours (set colors, logo, title) -- I haven't looked at that in a while, but that may be an alternative for you. Of course, the page URL still gives it away...

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