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URL problem in bilingual shop causes duplicate content


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Hi all,


I already posted this problem in the German forum, but unfortunately nobody can help. So now I hope the larger English speaking community will have a good idea for me.


My shop: http://www.weingut-fuchs.de/online-shop/

Version OSC 2.2 RC2, many addons and other modifications added, among them Chemo's SEO URLs 2.8

The shop was originally available in German only. Since I added an English version in autumn, I got some trouble with duplicate content.


The problems (both also occur in the local XAMPP version, SEO URLs deactivated):

1. the main categories and all products have now three URLs for the same page, e.g.

../online-shop/white-wines-c-40.html =

../online-shop/weissweine-c-40.html?language=en =




I would like to add a canonical url to each page referring the URLs contains ?language=.. to each one's original. Any idea how to do that? I tried to redirect the pages including the language attribute in the .htaccess, but it does not work.


2. The sub-categories, showing the product_listing have an additional problem: after a click onto the flag within such a category, a sort attribute is additionally added to the URL:

original URL: ../online-shop/rose-wines-c-42.html

click on German: ../online-shop/rose-wines-c-42.html?language=de&sort=products_sort_order

click on English: ../online-shop/roseweine-und-blanc-noir-c-42.html?language=en&sort=products_sort_order



I would like to get rid of the "&sort=products_sort_order" in the URL, but I cannot find where it is added.


I hope that someone has an idea what to do or can explain to me, how the link to the language versions in the file

../includes/boxes/languages.php is constructed.

Unfortunately I do not understand much of the classes.


Further informations:

We run a parallel mobile version of the shop: http://www.weingut-fuchs.de/m/shop/

Both shops use the same data base, language files and admin, only the templates are different.


The mobile shop does not provide the problem no. 2. Therefore I copied these files from the mobile to the "classic" version as a try, but without result:










Thank you for your attention and for all hopefully good ideas and informations to come!


Kind regards


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