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Problem with Shopping Cart


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Hi to all my fellow OScommerce'ers!


I have two problems with my shopping cart.


1; If i mark a product as out-of-stock, it is not removed from a costumers shopping cart, so even though the item is not available on the webshop, if a costumer added it to his/her cart before it became out of stock, she/he can still order it (Anoying)


2; If a costumers wishes to delete a prodcut from his/her shopping cart, and the item is no longer in stock, she/he can not delete it. It simple doesnt dissapear when pressing update.

All other items can be deleted with no problem.


This is two very serious problems. If i fix the first problem then the second will be removed with it. However i have no idea where i should look.


Help is VERY much appreciated!


Thank you in advance!


Best Regards.


- Jack

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I can recreate #1 (allow checkout has to be true in admin to allow recreation) but cannot recreate #2.


How are you marking products "out of stock"?

Can you show what your setting are at admin > configuration > stock

Are you using a commercial website template?

Have you added any add-ons that could have affected this area of osCommerce?

What version of osCommerce are you using?

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I have made SO MANY add ons! - and some are not very good, one of them is a v.2.2 Quantity Attribute addon which i suspect is the reason to Prob. no 2.


I have tried all combinations in Admin -> Conf -> Stock


Right now i have False - False - False - Because i have a Physical shop as well, and manually add and delete stock when it is out of stock.


So i only use the Red and Green knobs in the admin section. and of course the Quantity on the specific Attribute (either 1000 or 0)


No template is installed, i have manually adjusted the layout. and are running v. 2.3.1


If no one has a solution to the first (and thereby second) problem, i have a solution idea.


Anyone know if theres a way to disable permanent shopping cart - so that the shopping cart resets (empties) after each session?


Best Regards.



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I have commented out the:


// restore cart contents


// $cart->restore_contents();


in the Login.php, seems to be working. any downside to this? (apart from the obvious inconvience for the costumer to have to remake the shopping cart)

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