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Problem with code to display image


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I had a little piece of code written for my old 2.2 MS-2 site that allowed the user to select features that they wanted the product to have from a list, then it would return links and thumbnails for the applicable products. The links to the features and images etc. are stored in a text file.

Now that I am moving my site over to 2.3.3, my model selection tool brings up the links, but the image thumbnails no longer show up. I think it must be the way that the code was written to display the image that has gone wrong in the 2.3.3 environment. Can some kind person please advise me how I can change this code, so that it will show my thumbnails in 2.3.3:


// get resized dimension of photo

$arr_dimension = mbr_get_resized_dimension($arr_prod[$k]['image'], $config['thumbnail_max_width']);


// display thumbnail

echo ' <div style="float:left; margin:15px; text-align:center; font-size:12px;">

<a href="'.$arr_prod[$k]['page'].'" onclick="this.target=\'_blank\'">

<img src="'.$arr_prod[$k]['image'].'" width="'.$arr_dimension['width'].'" height="'.$arr_dimension['height'].'" alt="" border="0" />


<br />'.$arr_prod[$k]['model_number'].'

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It's a bit hard to resolve this right away with so few information, but my guess is that the path to the images or the image reference itself (the filename) is wrong. Try to look in the page source for the paths and check which of the two are incorrect.


<img src="'.$arr_prod[$k]['image'].'"


should return something like:


<img src="www.yoursite.com/images/[thumbs_optional/]picture1.jpg" ...

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