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The e-commerce.

I did it! 2.2-MS2 to 2.3.3


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This is not a direct reply to I did it. But I need help! I know nothing about osCommerce but have taken over support for a site that uses it. The current version is:

// Define the project version

define('PROJECT_VERSION', 'osCommerce 2.2-MS2');

After reading all of the posts under this topic I am rather hesitant to proceed with any upgrade. What should I do? Is there someone who would be willing to do this for me? I started doing the upgrade but some of my files did not exactly sync with what the before and after views were. So I stopped and came here.


I have no idea what if anything has been added as I did not create the application. That is one thing that worries me. Keeping the database current without losing information is another thing that worries me.


My sight was just recently hacked, so I feel as though I need to do something. The application also displays errors with the date routine. I assume that is is outdated coding since PHP5.4 was introduced. I don't write PHP either - so as you can see ... I am in over my head.


Some have said to just start a new site using the most recent version of osCommerce. Not sure what that requires either.




I would be happy to talk to someone "offline" so to speak if necessary. Let me know.

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