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Need some help with search


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Now that I've vented, see top level forum, I can get back to what's really not working, search... Not sure if search is an add-on or part of the standard package but have search along with advanced search. Customer just did search for w185 door gasket and received no result. But if you search for w185 gasket voila two products. Seems like search is doing an all or nothing return instead of any terms with prioritization based on number of terms found. Questions:


1. Assuming this is a basic function in the package what file and setting do I need to edit in order to have search work as I think it should or is this just the way it is?


2. If not base function can someone tell me the probable name of the add on so I don't have to go through 27 pages of results to stumble over the correct one AND if you know what to change would really appreciate that.


3. If neither 1 or 2 work is there a search add on that works well or does Googles custom search work?



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The default search does a search of the product name for all of the include words. So "w185 door gasket" and "w185 gasket" may return two different results. You can change the code to check the description or change the search operation from and to or in the My Store settings, though the latter usually returns too many results. There are also quite a few addons that deal with searching.

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